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Drupal 7 - Popup On Load

Published by dnovikov on Fri, 08/16/2013 - 18:39

Proudly announcing: Popup On Load module!

Main features:


  • Display a Colorbox-based popup on page load.
  • Easily alter JavaScript popup settings using hook_popup_onload_js_settings_alter().
  • Specify popup width/height (or let Colorbox decide).
  • Specify whether the popup is fixed.
  • Common settings for all popups: pages where they are displayed, delay time, cookie lifetime (how much popup will NOT be displayed again to the user).
  • Create an action for popup display, which can be easily integrated into Rules system.
  • Create a default rules set for popup display.
  • Gather simple popup statistics, showing number of views and clicks, and Click-Through-Rate.


Tutorial coming soon!


please help me for popup ajax code how to use in drupal.

What is the best method for changing the popup box style to another within the colorbox libraries that were installed with the module. Manually styling the content gets overwritten somewhere. Thanks!

Ypu may use hook_popup_onload_js_settings_alter() to override absolutely any setting default colorbox setting.

Can you please take a look at this issue? I can't use this useful module!


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