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WebAsyst to Drupal import module

Published by dnovikov on Thu, 03/31/2011 - 16:13


Some time ago I was doing a site migration and received a task of importing WebAsyst shop-script products to Drupal nodes. Also there was a need to import:

1. Products categories -> taxonomy

2. Categories images -> taxonomy images

3. Additional products fields -> CCK fields

4. Products images -> image fields

Finally, after some investigation, I created a WebAsyst Import module for this. It is a bit complicated and lacks functionality but it works. Anyone who is interested can download it and of course contact me if there are some troubles with its use.

Module requirements and dependencies:

1. PhpMyAdmin access to your source WebAsyst DB

2. FTP access to a folder with products and categories images

3. Taxonomy Image (optional)

4. Pre-created CCK fields which can be linked with WebAsyst product fields (optional)

You can checkout the project here:

or download in the attachment.


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